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Your sessions with me are a co-creative journey that honour the multidimensional complexity of your unique constitution, energy signature, talents and tendencies, ancestry and addictions, to craft neural pathways that are able to express a more expanded version of yourself. We explore a way of moving and nourishing, relating, and resting, breathing and being, honouring the rhythm of action and rest, deepening the sensitivity to the subtle inner cues of the body.


This way of being and healing requires a brave willingness and curiosity to ask the question ‘”How has it come to be so?” as a departure point on the journey of reflection and understanding which in turn serves as a compassionate way with which to relate to your inner experience.


Pneumanity™ Living is the crafting of an ‘inter’ and ‘intra’ connected way of being that ignites the human spirit as a contributor to a conscious, compassionate world working with conscious breathing as a path cutter, illuminator, catalyst, integrator and primary medicine for a healing informed future.


Come with as much history of your ancestors, birth experience, health journey, curiosity, playfulness, patience, an open mind, willingness to explore and shift perspective, comfortable clothes, a notebook and pencils. 

Expect to leave catalysed, empowered, inspired, and supported. Your script rarely includes a prescription drug but will most likely include some lifestyle changes, a breathing practice, blood tests if required, nutritional supplements, creative processes, poetry, and a podcast or reading list.


I work with anyone who resonates with this philosophy or is curious to discover a new way of being.


Online consultations are also offered for anyone around the world. Even through the virtual realm, these sessions provide a strong engagement and connection. Each session is between 45 and 60 mins. More time can be booked if deemed necessary. I work virtually on zoom and in person and may even suggest a walking consultation in nature.


Payment is upfront but can be claimed back from medical aid. If you have financial constraints, please let me know.

Talks & keynotes
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I offer talks and keynote addresses to local and international audiences and on both live and virtual platforms focusing primarily on burnout, the art and science of conscious breathing, and the neurobiology of change.


They blend evidence-based medicine with ancient wisdom and principles of nature to present possibilities for a new paradigm of health for individuals and society. My intention is for my talks to be engaging and gently provocative to leave my audience inspired, curious, and empowered with practical tools to tap into their inner resources.


Some of the events I have been privileged to present at include the Eve programme in Senegal, the Global Inspiration Conference in California and at events hosted by Unilever, Anglo American, Deloitte, Bain, RMB, as well as numerous online summits.

Workships & retreats
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My passion for my craft and sharing what I know informs my unique style of facilitating groups.


My workshops and retreats are informative and conversational offering a safe space for deep experiential learning, healing, connection, and transformation. Retreats and workshops can be facilitated on site or offsite from 1 day experiences to 5 day immersive deep dives away from city life.


I offer annual workshops such as StillPoint and Closing the Loop, while also collaborating and crafting personalised retreats and workshops for business teams and special interest groups.


Previous Collaborative retreats include:

  • Still Action with Dr Lucy Draper Clarke

  • Expanding In with Marisa Lloyd

  • Being Human with Rachel Adams.

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Breathwork is the art and a science of conscious breathing that transforms an unconscious life giving function into a simple, accessible and empowering tool for self awareness, optimum health and personal transformation.


Our breathing habits and patterns are very telling of the story of our life experience. Our breathing is influenced by our past traumas, stressors, lifestyle, medication, diet, posture, air quality and technology. It is also a reflection of our internal emotional state. Most people have developed suboptimal breathing habits that in turn exacerbate and may even lead to anxiety, fatigue, pain , insomnia and chronic inflammation and burnout. In fact, there is no system in the body that is not influenced by the breath.


Breathwork is a simple, immediately available, measurable and free internal resource. It is the most underrated and disregarded pillar of health that is essential for anyone seeking support with a chronic or breathing related health condition. It has been found to be a highly effective tool to support mental and emotional health and to build resilience. It is particularly helpful for those seeking to access information stored in the body and psyche that is often not accessible through talk therapy. Conscious breathing is the bridge between the inner and outer world, the body and heart-mind, the conscious and the unconscious. It embeds the new neural pathways that support sustainable change.

Who would benefit?


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Breathwork has been an important  self-regulating tool at my disposal for some time and it has helped me cope with the various states of dis-ease in which I found myself on a daily basis.


Since the first time I practiced Breathwork with Dr Manga, I have used the various breathing techniques I’ve learnt to cope with social stresses, post covid symptoms and burnout. The recognition that the power lies within me, sustains me through the deep bouts of anxiety. Teaching people to tap into their own inner resources in order to cope with the pressures of daily life or past traumas is what I believe Breathwork Africa does. 


Being empowered to help myself through conscious connected breath has been the greatest gift and knowing that I can in any moment navigate my situation through the use of the various techniques I’ve learned has been the best thing during moments of overwhelm. It’s something I truly believe that everyone should be able to do.

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When we are on a difficult path, if we keep our eyes open, we will find healers and guides to help us, people who appear at just the right time, with just the right tools and lessons to teach us. 


Dr. Ela Manga has been one of those people in my life - her wisdom, compassion and insight have helped me to look at my challenges differently, and to step through the bars of the mental cage I had constructed for myself.


The tool which she offers - breathwork - has been life changing, in a way which I would not have believed possible. I tried it out of desperation, and discovered I could use it to change my mood, my energy, and to fill my body with the kind of joy and relief I am not used to experiencing on my own. 


Perhaps, as she has shown me, because we are not really on our own. 


The journey is far from over, and I look forward to continuing, knowing that there are more surprises ahead.

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