• Feminine Rhythms Workshop
    26 Aug, 19:00 – 21:00 SAST
    Online Zoom Event
    Breathing the Rhythm within - supporting feminine biorhythms through the art and science of conscious breathing
  • Consecration Retreat
    10 Sep, 17:00 SAST – 12 Sep, 15:00 SAST
    Plot 58, South Africa
    Consecration is a retreat and exploration facilitated by artists and healers, offering a space for conversations around death and life, and to honour the cycles of dying and living through creative, cathartic, and contemplative arts.
  • Online Breathwork Foundation Course (3 days)
    24 Sep, 10:00 SAST – 26 Sep, 16:00 SAST
    Online Zoom event
    Perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Breathwork.