Whatever has brought you to this website, one thing is certain, you are curious about what it means to be fully alive. You are fatigued by old systems and outdated ideas. You have a sacred restlessness with a desire to live with more energy, deeper meaning, and inspiration. You are seeking a fresh approach to your health and life.

You may be feeling helpless and frustrated, tired of being tired. Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one. Maybe you are dealing with an illness that no one has been able to understand or help with. Maybe you are burnt out, anxious or terminally ill and just need to be heard.

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Modalities and therapies
Integrative medicine is based on the partnership between doctor and patient who are co-creators in the journey of health.


Invest in your energy resources
Dr Ela specialises in moving people out of burnout and into optimal living through her energy management process.


Harness authentic energy
Dr Ela is known for her expertise related to breathwork. She conducts one-on-one sessions, group work and practitioner training in her school of breathwork.

Truth is in your body

By Dr Ela Manga

Thanks to the latest advances in technology, we have wearable devices that can track our sleep patterns, heart rate and footsteps. At the end of 2018, Apple launched a watch with sensors that can detect atrial fibrillation or heart failure and send a message to emergency services if there has been a fall and the wearer not move for a minute thereafter. This is a big step forward and wearable technologies have greatly encouraged more physical activity and a healthier lifestyle.

Medicine is also becoming more personalised. Through DNA testing and gene sequencing, we can identify specific inherited risks and conditions to which we are predisposed. Precision medicine allows doctors to select treatment based on an individual’s specific genetic make-up. Nutritional supplementation can be specifically formulated based on your particular deficiencies. Through 3D bio printing we are able create synthetic blood vessels and organs instead of using human donors.

All these exciting advances are in the name of progress, encouraging a more active lifestyle, increasing our longevity and even cheating death.

At the same time, we are at risk of becoming dependent on wearables as we outsource the feedback that we receive from our bodies in more subtle and powerful ways. No device or medical test can outsmart the sophistication and intelligence of the body-mind-spirit complex itself. Disconnecting from this source of intelligence comes at a severe cost that is becoming evident in the rising levels of anxiety, depression and burnout.

There is no lab test that is as sensitive as our inner radar and no medicine that is sophisticated as that which is manufactured in our inner pharmacy. When we can match the advances in technology with deep sensitivity, self-awareness and respect for the mysterious miracle of us, that is progress. Anything else is simply arrogance.


Introduction to Breathwork

An online zoom session exploring breathwork in these challenging times.

Date: Saturday, 18 April 2020

Time: 10am to 4pm SA time (GMT 8am)

Cost: R900.00 per person

Booking marj@breathworkafrica.co.za


My practice is based in Houghton and my consultation hours are 9am to 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Sessions are facilitated on Zoom during lockdown.

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