Still Action:

All over the world, communities are fractured, people are growing more isolated and we feel internal dis-ease and disconnection. What can we do – in our individual and collective lives – to create a shift – a tipping point – to a more inclusive and cohesive world?

During the Still Action Retreat we will explore ways to move within in order to act in the world with greater impact. Practices will include yin and yang yoga, mindfulness and breathwork.

By the end of the retreat we trust that you will feel confident with one or more inward practices, identify your unique offering and purpose in this world, find clarity on ways to bring this into the world for the benefit of yourselves and others, and connect with a like-minded community who will keep you strong when the road seems long.

Dr Ela Manga, author of international best seller ‘Breathe: strategising energy in the age of burnout’ is a medical doctor, author and speaker committed to conscious living and bringing heart back into the art of medicine. Her training as a medical doctor was just the first step towards her true vocation as a co-creator of health and a catalyst for change.

Dr Lucy Draper-Clarke is an educator, writer and researcher-practitioner, with a doctorate in mindfulness and teacher education. She has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for almost 15 years. She is lecturing at Wits, with Drama for Life, and conducting research on Contemplative Activism and African Contemplative Practices.

Venue: Tara Rokpa Centre

Date: 3 to 5 May 2019