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Your sessions with me are a co-creative journey that honour the multidimensional complexity of your unique constitution, energy signature, talents and tendencies, ancestry and addictions, to craft neural pathways that are able to express a more expanded version of yourself. We explore a way of moving and nourishing, relating, and resting, breathing and being, honouring the rhythm of action and rest, deepening the sensitivity to the subtle inner cues of the body.


This way of being and healing requires a brave willingness and curiosity to ask the question ‘”How has it come to be so?” as a departure point on the journey of reflection and understanding which in turn serves as a compassionate way with which to relate to your inner experience.


Pneumanity™ Living is the crafting of an ‘inter’ and ‘intra’ connected way of being that ignites the human spirit as a contributor to a conscious, compassionate world working with conscious breathing as a path cutter, illuminator, catalyst, integrator and primary medicine for a healing informed future.


Come with as much history of your ancestors, birth experience, health journey, curiosity, playfulness, patience, an open mind, willingness to explore and shift perspective, comfortable clothes, a notebook and pencils. 

Expect to leave catalysed, empowered, inspired, and supported. Your script rarely includes a prescription drug but will most likely include some lifestyle changes, a breathing practice, blood tests if required, nutritional supplements, creative processes, poetry, and a podcast or reading list.


I work with anyone who resonates with this philosophy or is curious to discover a new way of being.


Online consultations are also offered for anyone around the world. Even through the virtual realm, these sessions provide a strong engagement and connection. Each session is between 45 and 60 mins. More time can be booked if deemed necessary. I work virtually on zoom and in person and may even suggest a walking consultation in nature.


Payment is upfront but can be claimed back from medical aid. If you have financial constraints, please let me know.

Talks & keynotes
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I offer talks and keynote addresses to local and international audiences and on both live and virtual platforms focusing primarily on burnout, the art and science of conscious breathing, and the neurobiology of change.


They blend evidence-based medicine with ancient wisdom and principles of nature to present possibilities for a new paradigm of health for individuals and society. My intention is for my talks to be engaging and gently provocative to leave my audience inspired, curious, and empowered with practical tools to tap into their inner resources.


Some of the events I have been privileged to present at include the Eve programme in Senegal, the Global Inspiration Conference in California and at events hosted by Unilever, Anglo American, Deloitte, Bain, RMB, as well as numerous online summits.

Workships & retreats
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My passion for my craft and sharing what I know informs my unique style of facilitating groups.


My workshops and retreats are informative and conversational offering a safe space for deep experiential learning, healing, connection, and transformation. Retreats and workshops can be facilitated on site or offsite from 1 day experiences to 5 day immersive deep dives away from city life.


I offer annual workshops such as StillPoint and Closing the Loop, while also collaborating and crafting personalised retreats and workshops for business teams and special interest groups.


Previous Collaborative retreats include:

  • Still Action with Dr Lucy Draper Clarke

  • Expanding In with Marisa Lloyd

  • Being Human with Rachel Adams.

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Breath awareness and conscious breathing is the absolute foundation in the management of health, stress, and energy. It is part of the essential skill set that is required for personal transformation and peak performance.


On experiencing my first Breathwork session in 2011, I realised that I had found a deeply transformative and powerful medicine which was available and accessible to everyone.


The more I began to study the science and use it with my patients, the more I was amazed by its transformative and healing effects.


Breathwork sessions will help you build a set of breathing techniques that can be applied in every aspect of your life. Dysfunctional breathing habits develop over time due to chronic stress, poor posture, or past trauma. These unconscious habits in turn exacerbate the stress response and push tension even deeper into the body. Breathwork sessions will help you to break dysfunctional patterns, release stress from the system and equip you with a set of breathing skills that can be applied in every aspect of your life.


To honour my commitment to sharing this profound yet simple technology, Breathwork Africa was formed, a social enterprise and training school that shares the art and science of breathwork with anyone from grassroots level to breathwork practitioners both in Africa and further afield. Our programmes merge scientific and medical knowledge with ancient practices as we contribute to this growing and exciting field. We offer one on one sessions, group sessions, talks, workshops, and practitioner training.


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Ela has facilitated my ability to uncover and awaken to my body’s healing potential and by doing so she has fundamentally changed my outlook and ignited within me a desire to continue exploring the wonder of my beingness in totality.


Ela has walked with me and held my hand during this beautiful journey of discovery, awakening and healing. Her face radiates love, her smile exudes the joy that is in her heart and her eyes sparkle with aliveness. In my struggle with chronic illness, Ela has been my greatest gift and I am eternally grateful for the profound impact she has had on my life.


As an investigative journalist focused on environment,
mining and land reform, I have come to regard Ela Manga’s work as a well of inspiration and rejuvenation.


For reasons both personal and professional, I have returned to the well many times; not once have I failed to find in her teachings the antidote to the fatigue and despondency that besets my chosen craft. I have also had the privilege of co-facilitating breathwork group sessions with Ela, for people on the frontlines of South African trauma.


These experiences have confirmed what I know to be true about breathwork - in Ela’s hands, it opens the door to deep realisation and profound renewal

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