Strategising Energy in the Age of Burnout

BREATHE: Strategising Energy in the Age of Burnout provides practical and accessible tools. It teaches the reader to move through the intensity of life without getting caught up in the chaos of it.

BREATHE brings awareness to the basic laws and principles of energy by weaving together the science of western medicine, neuroscience, and eastern philosophy. It is the crystallisation of Dr Ela Manga’s experience and insights gained in the cutting-edge science of mindfulness-based energy management. It is relevant for anyone who faces the challenge of supporting health and meaningful relationships while pursuing their passion and vocation.



The art and science of Energy Management

If you’ve been feeling wired, disconnected, anxious, irritated and stressed lately, this e-book is for you. If you’ve been feeling like there is more to life than the one you are living, this is for you too. If you are tired of being tired, you have found the right resource. If you are ready to take charge of your health, energy and upgrade your body-mind software, read on.

This e-book will show you how to do this with just your breath, an ancient technology that is so simple, easily accessible, always available and relevant for modern times.

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Through the Lens of Breath

A unique collaboration of words and image

We are a living, breathing system pulsating with an ancient rhythm. Our perspectives shape how we tap into the energy that sustains us. The way we breathe directs how this energy flows through our hearts and minds.

In this beautifully compiled visual book, street photographer, Simon Kehagias, gives the reader insight into some of his photos together with doctor and writer, Dr Ela Manga, they explore through words and photos, the expression of authentic energy in mind, body, heart and nature.


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