I am a medical doctor, author and speaker committed to conscious living and bringing heart back into the art of medicine. My training as a medical doctor was just the first step towards my true vocation as a co-creator of health and a catalyst for change.

My focus is not just on treating symptoms but diving deeper to uncover the root causes of illness and to work together with you to create a new mind-body system in context of the big picture of your life. Balance and energy are restored through lifestyle changes, natural medicines, healing therapies, mindfulness, breathwork -all working to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. After each session you are left with tangible tools to integrate into your life. I offer you a fresh perspective of yourself and your relationship with life and create a compassionate yet challenging space for the process of healing and transformation.

Through individual consultations, talks, the facilitation of workshops, training, retreats and through my writing, I create a fascinating framework of uncovering the basis of energy management, blending neuroscience with ancient wisdom and study of human behaviour, leaving you more inspired and committed to living with more authentic energy and open heartedness.

I live in the vibrant African city of Johannesburg and my practice is based at The Sanctuary in Houghton Estate, Johannesburg.