After having trained with International Breathwork Master, Dan Brulè, breathwork has become a big part of my work as an integrated practitioner, and is the core skill that we teach in business.  We have taken breathwork to thousands of people in schools, organisations and teams, families and networks, individuals, and have trained more than a dozen practitioners.

I can say with absolute conviction that it is the most important skill set that we require to manage our health, energy, work, and relationships in modern times. It is simple, effective, accessible and universal. It is way to harness the authentic energy that we all have and use it in a way that is immediately effective and is beneficial in the long term.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a skill set that includes breath awareness and specific, conscious breathing techniques to boost energy, support health, soothe pain, handle anxiety, break addictive habits and patterns, enhance performance, fuel creativity, ignite passion, boost happiness, find meaning and deepen spirituality. It supports the most important relationship in our lives, our relationship with ourselves.

The School of Breathwork is committed to the teaching and training of breathwork methodologies to support individual and collective well-being, consciousness and transformation.

The benefits of breathwork can be experienced through:

Private sessions: A 60-90 minute guided session, which serves to re-pattern dysfunctional breathing patterns that may be related to certain physical and emotional symptoms. These sessions are particularly beneficial as a tool for growth, transformation and healing.

Group sessions: Breathwork sessions in a group setting is a powerful way to connect, break down barriers and experience yourself in each other beyond words. These sessions can be integrated into your team breakaway sessions or as separate group sessions.

Monthly workshops: These 2-hour breathwork sessions cover a different theme each month on topics from health, creativity, and spirituality to the practicalities of dealing with day-to-day stresses. These sessions are a great way to expand your understanding and skill in breathwork, and to keep up your practice.

Retreats: Weekend retreats are organised and customised to your specific needs on request. Practitioner Training: This 4-day foundation course in breathwork is suited to anyone who would like to integrate breathwork into their current practices for example, medical professionals, psychologists, body workers, fitness trainers and HR consultants.