With burnout and exhaustion becoming a global epidemic, we urgently need to examine how we manage our energy. Our energy resources are constantly being pulled and tugged on by work, relationships, and technology. Our brains and bodies are struggling to keep up with the age of information. Unless we find new ways of investing in and managing our energy we are at risk of becoming individually and collectively depleted with devastating consequences.

Chronic muscle tension, headaches, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, addictive behaviour patterns and exhaustion are all manifestations of a malfunctioning energy system. For us to adapt, build resilience and flourish in our current reality we need to get more skilled at supporting our energy. This means gaining greater insight into the principles that govern energy and then applying those principles so that our energy ‘income’ is greater than our energy ‘expenditure’.

I offer individuals, teams and organisations a unique, scientific, and heart centered approach to managing energy, and preventing and treating burnout.

Energy Management Programmes


Burnout recovery

An individualised energy management programme will be designed based on your needs and life circumstances, and in accordance with the principles of integrated medicine.


Executive Energy Coaching

A 6-session programme designed for high functioning individuals to enhance performance through energy management.


Public Speaking

Dr Ela is a sought after expert in the field of breathwork and mindfulness-based energy management. She often appears as a guest on TV and radio shows and is a regular contributor to health and medical publications. Her talks and presentations are thought-provoking and inspire a way of looking at yourself, your health, and your energy that is imperative for modern times.



If you are looking to support your team’s energy in a way that is effective, sustainable and away from the norm, these sessions, facilitated at the tranquil Woodlands Centre for Conscious Living in Muldersdrift, is the perfect way to do so. We guide the team through a profound process of understanding and experiencing energy in a way that is relevant to both the individual, team, and specific organisation.



Leadership and Energy retreats are designed and planned for your team on request at a venue of your choice.

Energy Map


Our energy management programmes are individualised, scientifically sound, and designed to ensure that you develop all the knowledge, skills and experience so that you can invest in your energy resources and manage them in a way that supports your unique skills, passion and values.