The 5 C’s of passion

Adventures, Consciousness, Healing / 08.09.2016


Human beings need constant excitement. Variety and change are inherent human needs required for growth and fulfilment. While certainty and a sense of safety are just as important, life can tend to feel mundane and uninspired when we are stuck in the drudgery of routine. That’s why we love meeting new people, travelling to new places and experiencing new things. Each time we experience something for the first time, new neural pathways get fired up, changing our brain architecture. Our senses wake up pulling us fully into the present moment. We feel alive. Every now and again, we need to take ourselves away from the familiar into unknown territory where fear and exhilaration meet to break down self imposed limitations.
If you are feeling jaded, restless and and uninspired, it may be time for a growth spurt, a fresh perspective. It doesn’t have to involve a sabbatical or an overseas holiday, it may simply mean consciously weaving the 5 C’s of Passion into your life.

1.Curiosity. Be open minded, challenge your beliefs and preferences. Adventure to new places in your own city, talk to different people, taste new flavours , read someones biography , learn a news skill explore your inner world.

2. Challenge Complacency .There is a fine line between peaceful acceptance of that which we cannot change and complacency that is born from cynicism.

3. Courage. Acknowledge your greatest fears and move in its direction, breathing and relaxing every step of the way.

4. Creativity. Fresh perspectives feed creativity and innovative thinking. Make conscious choices to engage in activities that feed your soul and bring stillness. Creativity is the outer expression of inner stillness.

5. Change. Lasting change starts from within but sometimes changing the external environment catalyses and inspires and inner shift. Move your furniture around, unclutter your space, paint a wall, make a change that supports your growth while appreciating what you already have.

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