Recovery Loops

Consciousness / 18.06.20170 comments

The body has been designed to operate within a natural rhythm of high energy states and recovery modes. In scientific terms, it’s called the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The reason for so many of our health and emotional issues is we have an overly stimulated sympathetic system and in fact, we have even become addicted to it. The parasympathetic system (rest and recover mode) has been pushed out of the equation.

In order to manage our energy effectively throughout the year, we need to consciously train the parasympathetic response back into our system through recovery loops. We need to be activating micro recovery loops through the day with deep breaths, mini recovery loops by simply being mindful and macro recovery loops like long weekends away, time in nature and body therapies.

With the nature of our busy lives, it is important to take time to plan what these recovery loops will look like in your life.

DAILY: Create bookends on either end of your day. Begin your day mindfully with a walk, meditation, deep breathing or journaling. End your day with a wind down routine activating the relaxation response before you go to bed. With off the TV and electronic devices before bed.
WEEKLY: Take out 3-4 hours to switch off from technology and do something that feeds your soul.
MONTHLY: Block out a whole day just for you. A day out at a spa is a good example
QUARTERLY: Take yourself out of town for a weekend away.

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