Recovery Loops

Consciousness / 18.06.2017 0 comments

The body has been designed to operate within a natural rhythm of high energy states and recovery modes. In scientific terms, it’s called the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The reason for so many of our health and emotional issues is we have an overly stimulated sympathetic system and in fact, we have even become addicted […]

The 5 C’s of passion

Adventures / 08.09.2016

  Human beings need constant excitement. Variety and change are inherent human needs required for growth and fulfilment. While certainty and a sense of safety are just as important, life can tend to feel mundane and uninspired when we are stuck in the drudgery of routine. That’s why we love meeting new people, travelling to […]

Burnout- Is This You?

Consciousness / 31.05.2016 2 comments

You are feeling under par. Thinking back you’ve been feeling like this for awhile. Heartburn, constant headaches and muscle tension. You feel irritable and anxious. You are wake up at 3am every morning. You mind is always racing. You can’t put your finger on it. You see your doctor. She runs the usual tests. Everything […]


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